Body Image in the Spring

Here in Cincinnati, it's theoretically spring. Today is April 19 and it's about 40 degrees outside right now, which is really bumming me out. However, eventually, the weather will warm up and we'll be in the midst of spring and summer. Many people enjoy the warmer weather and the various activities it brings. However, some folks struggle more in the summer and spring seasons than they do in the fall and winter.

Most of us wear less clothing in the spring and summer- shorts, dresses, bathing suits, tank tops, etc. The re-introduction of these clothing items can cause feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness for some people. For folks who don't have positive relationships with their body, showing more skin can be daunting. As a result, some of us continue to wear hoodies, sweatshirts, and baggy clothing in an attempt to cover up. 

I want to encourage you to make the first step to having a better relationship with your body. If it's a warm day, don't hide behind a sweatshirt. Consider allowing yourself to be cool and comfortable and wearing clothes that allow you to do so. Our relationship with our bodies never goes away- we will always live in them and can't escape them. Don't let your fear of being judged by others cause you to be uncomfortable. 

Emily Teegarden