Loving Your Body

There are very few of us who are happy with our physical appearance all of the time. We all have days when we're insecure and worry about how others are viewing us. However, if you're insecure about yourself more than you're confident, you may have a low perceived body image.

It's easy to hate on our bodies, but let's take a minute to consider all of the awesome things our bodies do for us. They help us get where we need to be each day. They birth babies and cradle them. They run and walk on trails. They help you wake up, go to work, and spend time with loved ones. I could go on and on and on about the wonderful things that our bodies do for us. Why are we waging war on our bodies when they, quite literally, make it possible for us to live?

If you want to make peace with your body, a counselor can help you. I use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) with my clients to examine faulty beliefs. If you take a step back and reflect, can you find evidence for your negative beliefs about your body? My role is to help you combat these faulty beliefs with evidence and gentle encouragement. Your body is awesome and it deserves to be liked and, maybe, even loved.


Emily Teegarden