Body Image Summer Blues

It's summer here in the Cincinnati area and for many of us, that means less clothing to accommodate the heat and humidity. For some of us, shorts, tank tops, and dresses cause a wave of anxiety. Maybe you refuse to wear these clothing items because you're concerned about your appearance. 

The cool thing about bodies is that they are all unique. Unless you have an identical twin, your body is unlike anybody else's here on earth. Wouldn't life be much different if we could learn to love and embrace the uniqueness of our bodies rather than compare them to others'? For our whole lives, we only get one body. We can tan it, wax it, dye our hair, and even get plastic surgery but at the end of the day, the body we're in is the only body we get.

Summertime is a mixed bag emotions for many folks. Family vacations, extra time with children, and warm weather can be positive experiences. Simultaneously, many people dread the season because of the clothing change. Your body is special and unique. Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable and cool in is an act of self-love. I encourage you to view your body as a companion rather than an enemy. You and your body are one and are in this crazy thing called life (shout out to Prince) together. 


Emily Teegarden